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Monday, March 20, 2006
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Switching to wordpress

I am moving my blog onto wordpress.com (please note. it is wordpress.com and not .org). The two are from the same group. .com is free, whereas .org is not. The .org version also provides more features than the .com version and hence comes at a price.

Wordpress.com offers some extra features as compared to blogger and categorizing the posts is one key feature that I have been looking for. I looked around for this feature in blogger, but couldn't locate it. Also, wordpress offered a nice import tool to import all my existing posts (with comments) onto wordpress. So that didn't stop me from switching over.

One feature that I will probably miss is messing around with the template. wordpress doesn't allow tweaking around with the HTML code in the template. So I guess I have to learn to live without that.

Let's see how this goes forward. I hope to stay there for a while.

The new URL is http://vsankarv.wordpress.com

If you are subscribing to my blog via any readers, the feed URL is http://vsankarv.wordpress.com/feed

See you over there :)

Friday, March 03, 2006
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Alarm clock with a puzzle

For all the people out there (like me) who snoozes the alarm clock again and again before getting up, this is for you. An alarm clock that will force you to get up and solve a puzzle before it is silenced. We can still go back to bed after solving the little puzzle, but at least it will make you get out of bed :) Not sure if such a product will ever succeed. This will probably end up being just another so called gadget.


Go over the comments that follows the article. Some are really funny!!!

Coming up: An Alarm clock that is connected to a water pipe that sprays water over the bed after which you not only have to get up, but also replace your bed :)

Source: www.digg.com