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Thursday, September 29, 2005
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The latest ad from TATA for Safari DICOR (Reclaim your life) is just amazing. the ad has been nicely conceptualised and taken. The best part of the ad is the background score. It is just too great for an ad.
It's probably have to do with the ad agency that is doing the ads. They are just doing a great job. The ad of TATA Sumo Victa was also done very nicely with a nice score.

One other ad that I thought was also in the same lines was Bajaj Avenger (Feel like God). Very nice concept :)

Friday, September 23, 2005
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AOE 3 has gone gold

Age of Empires 3 has gone gold. Yes. It has been released to manufactuing. It will hit the shelves on October 18. I just can't wait to play the game.
I have been playing the demo for a while now and It is great.
Looking forward to playing the full version :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
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Freeze Dry for Windows, Rollable Displays

Microsoft unveiled Freeze Dry for Windows Vista. With this feature, the state of the OS and the applications can be maintained even after reboots. This is especially useful when patches that require a reboot get applied automatically.

Windows Vista will include a new technology known as Freeze Dry designed to maintain application states and unsaved documents even when patches are automatically applied and PCs are rebooted.
Check out article at ZDNet

On another note, Philips came out with paper-like rollable displays. Though it is in early stages of development and will take a while to come to the mainstream market, this really opens up a wide variety of gadgets and devices.

Check out http://www.polymervision.com/

Friday, September 02, 2005
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Sania goes to fourth round

Sania Mirza has reached the fourth round of US Open!!! That is really a great news.

She will probably play Maria Sharapova (1st seed) in the fourth round which should be pretty interesting. Though I don't expect Sania to go past Sharapova, I am sure that the match will provide her with loads of experience playing a top ranked player.

Sania, All the best!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2005
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Broadband speeds

Just came across an article that talks about Londoners getting 24mbps (yes, 24 mbps!!!) broadband soon. I just can't imagine what will they do with so much speed... :) And the best part is it is just 20 bucks/month.
But here in India, we are still crawling with respect to so called "Broadband" speeds. The average affordable speed is 256 kbps which is nothing compared to the rest of the world.
I am just waiting for the day where we can reach high speeds without the stupid time/bandwidth limitations.