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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
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Microsoft launches online applications

Microsoft just announced its "Windows Live" and "Office Live" software applications.

Windows Live (www.live.com) is more like start.com from MSN in which the user can customize the start page by choosing different modules (or gadgets) and putting it all together in a single page. This is still in beta and I am not sure how this will be integrated with Windows in the future. Currently, the gadgets in live.com can also be used in Windows Vista Sidebar. We will have to wait and see what else is coming up.

Office Live promises integrating office functionality to support companies establish an online presence easily.
It will help companies establish online presences through a suite of services that will give users a Web site with 30MB of space and a domain name at no cost, as long as they agree to host Microsoft advertising on their pages
A beta version of Office Live is expected to be out in early 2006.

Check out Microsoft Joins Online Era of Software


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