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Friday, January 14, 2005
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iPod shuffle

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Apple has come out with a new mp3 player called iPod shuffle. This is a USB/flash based player about the size of regular USB based flash drives.

The drive sports the signature iPod navigation wheel and comes with headphones. It has a built-in rechargable battery that charges itself when plugged onto the USB drive of your comp.

There are two versions of the drive (512MB and 1GB) and the prices start from $99. Let's wait and see if this is as successfull as the iPod.


  • Man I dont think it will be another iPod success story, which I still have questions about how it happened....but looked at the shuffle but hey doesnt have a display! whats up with that! I thought the best thing on an iPod was its unbelivably soft and clear display...

    By Blogger ShivA, at 1/15/2005 7:58 AM  

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