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Friday, October 01, 2004
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Is there a gbrowser on the cards?

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Another blog from the browser front.

Is Google coming out with a browser? That'€™s the question on everyone'™s mind in the tech community today. Some say "Yes"€. Nothing has been announced officially, but someone started the speculation a week or so back and since then, the entire web is flooding with articles/blogs regarding this. So I thought I will join the bandwagon with a blog here!!!

Google has already registered gbrowser.com Check out
whois. Google has also hired some big names from the browser industry. All these have led everyone to believe that gbrowser is going to be a reality soon. I do hope so. It could be an all-in-all application, with browsing, gmail, blogging, rss reader, enhanced search features and more.

Maybe, the gbrowser (if it comes) could make me move away from Firefox :) I also wish that Microsoft begins to take things seriously and does something with IE.

Rumours surround Google browser


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