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Thursday, September 30, 2004
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Firefox 1.0 PR is out

Firefox 1.0 PR (Preview Release) is out !!! This is a great browser. I once thought that IE was great and would never have to move to another browser. I was WRONG. Firefox is amazing and much better than IE. I am not saying this just because of the security vulnerabilities in IE. Firefox too had a security issue couple of weeks back (this has been fixed in 1.0 PR version).

I have been using Firefox for some months now and I am really finding it very useful. The main reason is the tons and tons of features it offers. With built-in popup blocking, tabbed browsing, smarter search, live bookmarks and much more, Firefox beats IE all the way. Another cool feature is the concept of extensions (just like Macromedia suite of products). You can download free extensions from the site to extend the functionality of Firefox.

One argument is that there is no google toolbar for Firefox to google quickly. But Firefox comes with a built-in search box that can be used to search any search engine including google as well as other sites like amazon etc. More search sites can be added too.

Try it and you will definitely like it. Best of all, it is free. The download size is just around 4.5 MB.

Visit Firefox website


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