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Thursday, June 16, 2005
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Turn Win XP to media center

There is a remote control from SoundGraph that enables you to control Win XP using a remote effectively turning your Win XP to a media center.

"...The solutions from SoundGraph let you control any PC or notebook with an IR remote, as long as you have a free USB port for the infrared receiver. All standard video, audio and image data can be listed and managed, and played with the included multi-media software..."

Tomshardware.com is probably one of the very best review sites that I have been following for a few years now. This product has been certified as "Must Have" which assures that the product must be really good. The external version of this product is pretty easy to install. As it says in the review, all you need is a free USB port for the receiver.

For people like me who have gigs and gigs of songs, photos, videos and movies on the PC, this product is definitely a boon. It is definitely on my wish list when I build my home theater along with a PC media server.

Check out the review at Tomshardware.com

Please enlighten me if there is a equivalent or better product or is there any other means to achieve the same functionality.


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